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Creating Confident, Proficient Writers

At Home

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In the Classroom


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Writing by Design® is a proven-effective TK–8th grade writing program for building competence and confidence with all types of learners.  With a foundation in the Six Traits of Writing, new and veteran teachers can successfully teach state standards and Common Core writing. No lesson prep needed!

Quick Intro: How it Works

How Grading by Design Works

Funding to Restore Student Learning

Benefits for Students
  • Dramatically improves cognitive abilities in all subjects

  • Develops student competence and confidence

  • Allows students to progress individually with engaging video lessons

  • Creates greater gains for ELs and students with special needs

  • Increases the pathway to literacy

Benefits for Teachers
  • Dramatically decreases workload

  • Increases competence and confidence -- makes teaching writing fun

  • Provides daily lesson plans with model papers

  • Breaks down concepts into manageable chunks

  • Makes teaching writing fun and rewarding

  • Provides immediate feedback for targeted re-teaching

  • Free orientation

Benefits for Administrators
  • Improves performance on state tests

  • Maximizes student performance in all subjects

  • Provides explicit writing instruction missing from ELA programs

  • Reduces occurrences of students being left behind/failing

  • Affordable 

  • No mandatory renewal fees

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