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What is Writing by Design®?


Writing by Design® is proven-effective writing instruction for building competence and confidence with learners of all levels and types in grades TK–8.  With a foundation in the Six Traits of Writing, it establishes a common language across grade levels.  With detailed lesson plans, rubrics, and daily model papers, new and veteran teachers can successfully teach state standards and Common Core writing.  The curriculum is available online and printed.


Its accompaniment, Grading by Design™, is an unparalleled online grading program providing the following benefits:

  • Time-saving, objective assessments that measure student mastery -- eliminates hours of grading

  • Immediate reports for targeted individual, small group, or whole-class instruction

  • Prompts for reflection, analysis, and validation of understanding -- results in deeper student learning and retention


For Spanish dual-immersion schools, Writing by Design® provides:

  • Translated Six Traits and Genre charts and student handouts

  • Translated Grading by Design™online grading program

Benefits for Students
  • Dramatically improves cognitive abilities in all subjects

  • Develops student competence and confidence

  • Strengthens critical thinking

  • Creates greater gains for ELs and students with special needs

  • Increases the pathway to literacy

Benefits for Teachers
  • Dramatically decreases workload

  • Increases competence and confidence -- makes teaching writing fun

  • Provides daily lesson plans with model papers

  • Breaks down concepts into manageable chunks

  • Makes teaching writing fun and rewarding

  • Provides immediate feedback for targeted re-teaching

Benefits for Administrators
  • Improves performance on state tests

  • Maximizes student performance in all subjects

  • Provides explicit writing instruction missing from ELA programs

  • Reduces occurrences of students being left behind/failing

  • Affordable 

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