Writing by Design®

The Proven Answer to Expedited Literacy

 Video Lessons & Assessments

Grades 3-8

Students progress at their own pace through four genre studies. 

Scaffolded video lessons provide step-by-step instruction for excellent writing. 

  • All-inclusive, proven-effective writing curriculum

  • Automatic assessments, immediate feedback

  • Perfect solution for distance learning  

Currently available for 3rd-8th grade students for only $10/student with the purchase of one grade-level package 

 Grading by Design

Cutting-edge grading program

eliminating hours of grading 3rd-8th grade papers!

  • Students upload papers​​

  • Students are engaged in analysis and reflection

  • Teachers verify and provide instant feedback

  • Grades are determined by scoring rubrics

  • Automatic student reports reflect proficiency levels

  • Automatic student and whole class profiles for review, re-teaching, and performance reporting​​

Teacher and students looking at a computer