Program Components

teaching manual

Grade-Level Manuals

online and printed   

State- and Common Core-Aligned Manuals Include:
  • Detailed, Step-by-Step Lessons
  • Model Papers
  • Rubrics
  • Assessments
  • Student Revision Sheets
  • Editing Checklists
Lessons teach Common Core Narrative, Informative, Opinion/Argument,
and Summary Writing
  • Practice Worksheets
  • Graphic Organizers
  • No Excuse Spelling Word Lists
  • Teaching Resources
  • Strategies for Differentiation
  • Kindergarten Letter & Sentence Formation
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Online Video Lessons & Assessments for Students 

Grades 3-8

Grade-Level Six Traits & Genre Charts

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Online Orientation

Text on computer

Online TK-8th Grade

Demo Lessons 

& Resources

Spreadsheet of student data

Grading by Design

online grading program