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Consistent, Research-Based Lesson Design – All lessons at every grade level follow the design of Madeline Hunter’s researched methodology of effective instruction.


Online Teaching Manuals – Convenient for screen projection and remote teaching/planning

Student Video Lessons & Assessments – An option for teachers: Students progress through four genre studies at their own pace.  A perfect solution for distance learning!   

Grading by Design™ – Acclaimed time-saving online program for grading student writing


Free Online Orientation – Quick, convenient, and cost-saving 


Free Demonstration Lesson Videos – Authentic lessons in all grade levels, TK-8th grade.

Six Traits of Writing – Embedded in all lessons, K-8, and supported by years of scientific studies of student writing proficiency 


Scaffolded Design – Uses a research-based backward curriculum design with each year’s instruction building on prior-year student learning. This results in year-to-year increases in student proficiency, consistency throughout the grades, and increased teacher and student comfort.


Model Papers – Demonstration of the step-by-step revision process.  No extra lesson planning needed.


Assessment Tools – Grading by Design, online quizzes, class profile spreadsheets; teaching/scoring rubrics.


Writing Prompts / Formal Assessments – Eliminates the need for teacher- or district-created tools.


Curriculum for Handwriting Instruction – An additional kindergarten teaching manual is dedicated to letter and sentence formation. This can also be a resource for students with special needs.


Support for English Lanuage Learners and Students with Special Needs – With a consistent process of presenting information in small teachable/learnable “chunks," students feel confident (vs. challenged).  The program facilitates targeted re-teaching for mastery-based instruction. Students learn how to break down the writing process so that each paper has the Six Traits of Writing.


Picture Book References – Differentiated by grade level, they provide students with models of Six Traits, CCSS strands of writing, and writing genres.


Six Traits and Genre Charts – Additional tools to support lesson delivery ensuring alignment of instructional goals/CCSS standards


Online Resources – Reproducible teaching tools for time-saving lesson preparation. (Additional tools are under development and will be made available at no additional cost.)


Spelling – Explicit grade level “No Excuse Spelling” protocols ensure correct spelling of high-frequency words.


Academic Vocabulary – Referenced in the Glossary of teaching manuals, this ensures a rigorous and consistent approach to writing instruction.


Optional Professional Development – Certified Writing by Design® coaches available for targeted PD.  


Spanish-Translated Materials – Grading by Design™ and Spanish versions of Six Traits and Genre charts and Resource pages. 

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Writing by Design®
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